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Huw Richards is qualified to play for either Wales or England and was only prevented from doing so by being slow, short-sighted, averse to pain and lacking in any compensating talent. Denied sporting success he became a journalist and, after contributing to the demise of several short-lived rugby magazines, was the FT's rugby writer between 1995 and 2009 and currently writes for the International Herald Tribune and the Sunday Herald.
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Mar 21, 2012:  "If one thing should be totally clear about the Six Nations championship by now it is that it is tough to repeat." But Huw Richards believes Wales have hope
Wales 16-9 France, Six Nations
Mar 17, 2012:  "This was not the euphoria of 2005 or the disbelief of 2008, but something rather different." Huw Richards provides his take on the Welsh Grand Slam
Mar 9, 2012:  "Hodgson was not a man to tangle with." Huw Richards rewinds the clock to look at the career of Wallabies legend Aub Hodgson born a century ago this week
Feb 28, 2012:  "The currency may be a little devalued but Triple Crowns are among those things of which you really can't have too many." Huw Richards assesses Wales' prospects
Feb 24, 2012:  "John Taylor wrote that several players received death threats purporting to come from the Provisional IRA" Huw Richards rewinds the clock to 1972
Welsh Rugby
Feb 10, 2012:  Not even the strongest supporters of Wales's regional rugby set-up are with its current performance, say campaigners for change - and they have the numbers to show it
Feb 10, 2012:  "The experience of an Irish match turning inside out in the final minutes is hardly a new one." Huw Richards recalls a classic encounter in the latest edition of Rewind
Jan 27, 2012:  "This weekend sees the 130th anniversary of the first ever match between Ireland and Wales." Huw Richards rewinds to 1882 which saw the birth of a great rivalry
Six Nations
Jan 24, 2012:  "Wales face what might be termed the 'Jamie Roberts Question' - can performances in the southern hemisphere be matched in the Six Nations back home?" Huw Richards writes
Jan 13, 2012:  "Scots don't have to be superstitious to believe that January 13 is an unlucky day. They have played four matches on that date and lost the lot." Huw Richards writes
Dec 31, 2011:  "Perhaps the most striking evidence of Chris Paterson's durability is that he is among the top three Scots in two different positions." Huw Richards writes
Dec 16, 2011:  "When Sonny Bill Williams fights for the New Zealand heavyweight title in February, it will further mark him out as a distinctive figure." Huw Richards writes
Dec 2, 2011:  "Wales play Australia at the Millennium on Saturday, 45 years to the day after another meeting between the two teams, also in Cardiff." Huw Richards turns back the clock
Nov 29, 2011:  "A new generation is arriving, and playing with the conviction and enterprise that have always marked the Welsh game at its best." Huw Richards writes
Nov 18, 2011:  "It is 60 years next week since one of the most spectacular results in the history of international rugby union" Huw Richards rewinds to 1951
Oct 28, 2011:  "When the Springboks came to New Zealand in 1956 it was only their third visit in 35 years, and it mattered as much in their day as World Cups do in ours" Huw Richards writes
Greatest Teams
Oct 27, 2011:  In the aftermath of the recently concluded World Cup, ESPNscrum, in partnership with Samsung Mobile, selects Rugby Union's greatest World Cup teams
Oct 21, 2011:  "One of the pleasures of watching Wales in New Zealand in 2011 was knowing that most players should still be around in 2015." Huw Richards writes
Rewind to
Oct 19, 2011:  "There is a belief that you never know what you are going to get with France - but they are actually far more consistent than most." writes Huw Richards
Oct 12, 2011:  "So now we know - history really does repeat itself. The coming weekend will see the RWC semi-finals take place with an identical cast to 1987." Huw Richards writes
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