Nervous Healey eyes Lomu
October 8, 1999

England winger Austin Healey has only one thing on his mind - how to stop All Black monster Jonah Lomu.
And he admits the thought of it has made him nervous.
"Of course I'm a bit apprehensive. If there was no apprehension about facing someone like Jonah then you're not a human being. He is the fulcrum of rugby players at the moment.
"He's got everything - size, speed and power and has a lot of rugby talent as well," said Healy, who is four stone lighter (25 kgs) and six inches smaller than the man who destroyed England in the 1995 semi-final.
"There aren't many weaknesses in Jonah's game. He's the best winger in the world. It's a challenge to try to take that mantle on.
"If you can't get psyched up to face Jonah Lomu there is something wrong with you. I go into it 100 percent motivated and determined to do the best I can. If that's not good enough then I'm sorry.
"He was awesome in the last World Cup, undoubtedly the player of that
tournament. I didn't imagine I'd ever get the chance to play against him.
"Sometimes I get carried away day-dreaming about the match. And I've tried to visualise my encounter with Jonah but it's very difficult because I've never played opposite him before."

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