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2005 Six Nations
Feb 4, 2005:  Former Wales scrum-half Robert Jones believes 2005 could be the year when the men in red finally put past disappointments behind them
2005 Six Nations
Jan 17, 2005:  In a few weeks time Andy Robinson will take England into the Six Nations for the first time and Jonathan McConnell argues that he needs to take a long-term view of success
2004 Six Nations
Mar 11, 2004:  "It is unclear by precisely what route the WRU arrived at the surprise appointment of Mike Ruddock, but for once in a while it has made the right choice", Huw Richards argues
2004 Six Nations: England 13-19 Ireland
Mar 8, 2004:  Clive Woodward will spend the next few days debating the future shape of his side following the defeat by Ireland on Saturday writes Jonathan McConnell
2004 Six Nations
Feb 23, 2004:  A week ago we were eagerly anticipating the Six Nations Championship. Now we are almost at the halfway stage and the sense of anti-climax is palpable. John Taylor writes
2003 Six Nations
Apr 3, 2003:  "You will never get a neater Six Nations Table. England at the top with 10, Wales at the bottom with zero." John Taylor looks back on the 2003 battle for honours
2003 Six Nations: Ireland 6-42 England
Mar 26, 2003:  "This Sunday all the eyes of the rugby-loving world will be focused on Dublin as preparations for this year's World Cup are cranked up" writes Graham Jenkins
2003 Six Nations: England 40-9 Scotland
Mar 19, 2003:  "When Clive Woodward first took over as England coach/manager he was refreshingly enthusiastic but horribly naïve and far too gung ho" John Taylor writes
2002 Six Nations: England 50-10 Wales
Mar 28, 2002:  "Twickenham has witnessed two matches in the past five days at wildly different ends of the rugby spectrum," John Inverdale reflects on a dominant England performance
2002 Six Nations
Jan 31, 2002:  "So another Six Nations Championship is upon us, and thank goodness for that, but I wonder if it really ought to revert to the good old Five Nations,"Brian Lowe writes
2001 Six Nations
Oct 25, 2001:  "Three times in a row England has had a chance to claim the coveted Grand Slam and three times in a row Woodward's men have fallen at the last hurdle." Brian Lowe writes
2001 Six Nations
Sep 26, 2001:  "Reports of the death of the Six Nations Championship as we know and love it are greatly exaggerated." John Taylor provides his takes on the future of the Championship
2000 Six Nations
Apr 3, 2000:  "And so here endeth the inaugural Six Nations Championship - bigger and better, and with a bite in the final chunk". John Inverdale reflects on the inaugural tournament
2000 Six Nations
Apr 3, 2000:  "No one could have possibly imagined how a team coming off the back of four defeats could raise their game to a level to destroy England." Gavin Hastings writes
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