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Jun 11, 2013

Honouring the original Lions captain

Tom Hamilton in Newcastle: "Rugby is all about looking after your mates and that is exactly what the Maitland Rugby Club have been doing, looking after a mate." Tom Hamilton visits Robert Seddon's grave
The Lions stand alongside Bob Seddon's grave PA Photos
Jun 10, 2013

Boys from the Bush get their shot at Lions

Tom Hamilton in Newcastle: "Blades sees it as a chance to give guys who are "based in the Bush, the chance to take the next step up the pathway." Tom Hamilton files his Tour Diary from Newcastle
Jun 7, 2013

Let's talk about Quade

Tom Hamilton in Brisbane: "While Cooper may be experiencing strife on a national scope, it is a case of home sweet home when it comes to the Reds." Tom Hamilton's latest Tour Diary
Jun 6, 2013

Lion No.800 takes his rightful place

Tom Hamilton in Brisbane: "Warburton's likeable and endearing personality will count for little unless he delivers on the pitch." Tom Hamilton files the latest Tour Diary having arrives in Brisbane
Jun 5, 2013

Rugby WA put the building blocks in place

Tom Hamilton in Perth: "Meehan came and chatted to us after the press conference and yes, his new HQ is slightly different from Bath's old Lambridge training ground." The latest Tour Diary from Perth
Jun 3, 2013

From serenity to panic in an i-nanosecond

Tom Hamilton in Perth: "At the airport, checking-in was a breeze as was going through the required security checks. Then, panic". Tom Hamilton clutches victory from the jaws of idiocy in the latest Tour Diary
Jun 2, 2013

Journeying to the land Down Under

Tom Hamilton in Hong Kong: The heat has caused me to drop a couple of pounds - in the words of Dai Young the heat "is not great for the fat boys." Tom Hamilton files his latest Tour Diary
Jun 1, 2013

Lions throw caution to the wind

Tom Hamilton in Hong Kong: "The build-up to the game has been dominated by the overbearing heat, talks of water breaks and the convenient corporate links." Tom Hamilton reports from Hong Kong
May 30, 2013

Shoehorns and broken vertebrae

Tom Hamilton in Hong Kong: "Believe me, this is not your standard Great Britain 23-degrees front-page tabloid weather" ESPN's Tom Hamilton files his latest Lions Tour Diary piece from Hong Kong
May 28, 2013

Embarking on the 'epic journey'

Tom Hamilton at Heathrow: The first Tour Diary from Tom Hamilton as he sits and sweats in the Business Lounge at Heathrow pondering the weight of history
May 27, 2013

Lions leave the comfort of their den

Tom Hamilton with the Lions: "Late call-ups, boarding pass changes, panicked suit fittings and the odd injury being monitored. It is the beauty of the Lions." Tom Hamilton reports from their camp

Tom Hamilton was brought up on the stands of the Recreation Ground and joined ESPN in June 2011 as assistant editor of ESPNscrum.
Follow him on Twitter @tomESPNscrum